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      • Wealtheon composes your tailor-made investment schedule, with you.

      • Your financial position, your investment horizon and the degree to which you can and want to take risk: these factors determine your investment profile, whether you opt for value and/or growth stocks. There are typical alternating periods during which growth stocks outperform value assets and vice versa. We aim for a healthy, diversified mix and guide you through this from A to Z, also if your situation changes in the meantime. We are also very aware of all the necessary developments in sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria), which we have integrated at Wealtheon in various ways. With a keen eye for valuable growth. As we are your ally for a wealthy future.

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      • Growth stocks

      • Growth stocks are expected to grow faster than the market average. This is typical, for example, for young, promising companies with a strong turnover growth and substantial investments. As an investor one can generate profits faster, however accompanied by a higher volatility and risk. A rather offensive approach.

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      • Value stocks

      • Value stocks are more defensive and cheaper than growth stocks. We look for solid companies with an above-average returns at discounted prices. These stocks deliver stable, consistent returns and offer a certain degree of safety over the longer term.

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