• Wealtheon Foundation

      • Our ecological and social commitment

      • Can you help build a better world ? Yes, through Wealtheon Foundation ! An independent foundation which invests the financial contributions of Wealtheon and other donors in a carefully selected projects and charities. Taking part in building a socially responsible future simply goes without saying for us !

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  • Themes

        • Kind en onderwijs
          • Children and education

          • We believe that good education lays the foundations for social progress, creating a world where everyone can make the most of their talents.

        • Kunst en cultuur
          • Art and culture

          • In our opinion, the presence of art and culture is essential for innovation and growth.

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          • Sustainable development

          • Sustainable development is crucial for securing the future of the economy and society. We have a major responsibility to the generations that will follow us

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          • Research

          • Investing in a better future also means investing in research and innovation in areas such as food, energy and healthcare. This is essential if we are to deal with the challenges of our time.

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